Corporate history
1958 Opened a plant in Takakura-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka City.
1962 Founded Omori Chrome Tokin Co., Ltd. with start-up capital of 3.75 million yen.
1964 Increased the capital amount up to 7.5 million yen.
1967 Relocated the head office and plant to the current address. Increased the capital amount up to 15 million yen.
1977 Acquired an exclusive license for the use of a hard polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plating method in Japan from Interlock Corporation in the U.S. and started plating under the trademark Tfe-Lok.
1982 Constructed the head office building and upgraded the plant. Established mirror polishing facilities and totally renewed the plating waste water treatment facilities.
1985 Changed the company name to Otec Co., Ltd.
1986 Increased the capital amount up to 30 million yen.

Succeeded as being the first in the world to commercialize amorphous chrome plating.

Started plating under the trademark Chroamor.
1990 Constructed Kawada Plant. Founded Otec Kiko Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary for manufacturing and machining rolls and other products. Started roll machining business internally.
1992 Started plating business using highly corrosion-resistant chrome plating (trademark: Chroston).
1997 Started to machine elastic rolls.
2002 Introduced internal diameter buffing machines for internal machining.
2006 The company’s management innovation plan approved as a result of its research theme “Development of hard chrome plating from trivalent chromium bath”.

Constructed Nakaishikiri Plant in Nakaishikiri-cho, Higashiosaka City.

Transferred the mirror finishing division and installed vertical grinding machines at the same time.
2008 Totally renewed the drainage system.
2011 Installed additional cylindrical grinding machines in Nakaishikiri Plant to strengthen its grinding business.
2012 The 50th anniversary of the founding of the company.