Based on the hard chrome plating technologies that we have cultivated for over 50 years, we provide a lineup of various functional plating, including self-lubricating chrome plating Tfe-Lok, ultra-hard chrome plating Chroamor, and highly corrosion-resistant chrome plating Chroston. We also provide total support for a wide range of roll manufacturing, from designing various types of precision rolls (such as jacket rolls, knife rolls, coating rolls, calendar rolls, and elastic rolls) through to manufacturing and final surface treatment.
Surface Treatment

We provide a variety of product lineups, including hard chrome plating and self-lubricating chrome plating Tfe-Lok.

Roll Manufacturing

Our technical capabilities backed up by our many years of experience working in this industry enable us to manufacture and machine rolls for any kind of application and with any level of precision.

Surface Finishing

We are able to create any level of surface roughness or surface accuracy according to customer needs, ranging from ultra-mirror finishing through to satin finishing and engraving.

Inspection / Environmental Consideration

We conduct inspections on products that we receive from our customers by using various types of inspection equipment and deliver them in perfect condition.