Inseption andEnviromental Consideration

Otec sticks to quality and considers environmental issues.

Inspection and quality control

We conduct inspections using various types of inspection equipment to deliver products to our customers in a perfect condition. We also have a variety of analytical instruments to manage and develop plating solutions.

inspection and analystical equipment

  • Desktop scanning electron microscope
    (JCM-6000 manufactured by JEOL Ltd.)
  • High-precision microscope: 2 units
    (VHX-100F and VH-5000 manufactured by Keyence Corporation)
  • High-performance liquid chromatograph (manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation)
  • Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer (manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation)
  • Tribogear
    (TYPE38 manufactured by Shinto Scientific Co., Ltd.)
  • Taber abrasion tester
  • Ultrasonic film thickness meter
  • Electromagnetic film thickness meter
  • Electrolytic film thickness meter
  • Micro-hardness tester
  • Surfcom surface roughness measuring instrument
  • NF surface roughness tester
  • Static coefficient of friction measuring instrument
  • Metallurgical microscope
  • Stereo microscope
  • Gloss meter

Environmental considerations

As a plating company using chemicals, we believe that it is compulsory to consider environmental issues. Needless to say, we perform thorough wastewater treatment and exhaust treatment, and we are also struggling to recycle waste plating solutions by using ion-exchange resins.

Main environmentally friendly facilities

  • Plating solution recycling system
  • Fully automated plating wastewater treatment system
  • Grinding wastewater treatment system
  • Sludge dewatering system
  • Exhaust air cleaning/treatment system
  • Dust collector

About residual hexavalent chromium in hard chrome plating

The raw material of hard chrome plating that we handle is hexavalent chromium, which is designated as a hazardous substance by the RoHS Directive and other directives. Hexavalent chromium is carcinogenic and must be handled with due care. We thoroughly rinse plated products with water to prevent any chrome plating solutions adhering to the products from being taken out of our company. Generally, it is said that chrome plating solutions can be completely removed by rinsing with water. The results of experiments conducted by public research organizations demonstrate that no hexavalent chromium is detected from our plated products that have been thoroughly rinsed with water.

About safety of chrome plating

Chrome plating is metallic chromium. Metallic chromium is a very safe metal that is also contained in stainless steel and other metals. To prove the safety of our plating products, we have confirmed that they comply with the Standards for Implements, Containers and Packaging that are based on the “Specifications and Standards for Food and Food Additives, etc., under the Food Sanitation Act” (Notification No. 370 of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare). This means that our plating can be safely used even in portions that come into direct contact with food, etc. (If you want a copy of the test result certificate, we can send it to you.)